IRBCAM is an advanced Post Processor which interfaces the output from CAM software with the Robot Language used by ABB, Kuka and Comau robots. The CAM software is used to produce conventional toolpaths up to 5 Axis and IRBCAM converts the APT-CL or ISO G-Code formats to the required robot language. It supports all controllers and opens up powerful CAD/CAM capabilities to users of these robots.

IRBCAM highlights include:

  • External Axis capability: IRBCAM can automatically generate position and Angle for up to 2 external axes. Linear tracks of any length and rotary tables in any axis can be configured to allow for 6,7 and 8 axis machining of any size objects.
  • Intelligent Tool Roll Angle: the previous version had this fixed. Now it is fixed as long as possible until a reachability issue is found. It then incrementally adjusts the roll angle until a solution is found.
  • CView XY and Z rotation Optimisation: the Optimiser makes it possible to shift the CView co-ordinates or rotate the CView about the Z axis to allow easier setup of the robot ensuring all co-ordinates are reachable.
  • Visible CAD model of Part: you can now add a CAD model of the part you are machining for an acurate graphical representation of the toolpath.
  • Optional Robot Studio add-in.

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