Solid Modelling & Design

SURFCAM offers two options for part design:

  • SURFCAM has a true 3D database for complete part design, dimensioning and editing. Design your 2D and 3D parts by using SURFCAM's robust surface and wireframe commands. Freeform design and surface manipulation have been native to the SURFCAM kernel for over 20 years
  • SURFCAM offers SolidWorks® products to accelerate the design-to-manufacturing process
  • The world’s most widely used CAD system, SolidWorks PD&A™ (Parts Design & Assemblies) allows design of 3-D solid parts and design of assemblies that may contain tens of thousands of parts. It offers drag and drop parts and features as well as strong ease of use and performance
  • Along with SolidWorks, SURFCAM users receive COSMOSXpress for FEA and more

SolidWorks Associativity

Powerful associativity enables users to open native SolidWorks files directly into SURFCAM, completely eliminating the translation process. SURFCAM automatically recognizes any design revisions in the solid model and regenerates only affected toolpaths. With this seamless interoperability, SURFCAM users can quickly adapt to myriad design changes.