SURFCAM’s 2-Axis system is a robust, high performance, cost effective CAM product made even more powerful by the patented 2-Axis Functionality.

Product highlights include:

  • Pocket and finish cavities with multiple island heights and tapered sidewalls
  • Advanced strategies for face, groove, corner round, and chamfer milling
  • Support for 4- and 5-Axis rotary indexing and high speed machining
  • Support for canned cycles
  • Rest machining detects and machines areas left by the previous cutting tool
  • Advanced powerful multi-tool hole processing with intelligent pattern sorting
  • Tapered thread milling with helical entry/exit
  • Associative toolpath updates the toolpath of modified part geometry

2-Axis TRUEMill Functionality

TRUEMill is the only toolpath engine that controls the load on the tool to significantly increase productivity (in some cases two to four times faster) and extend tool life for all materials, including aluminium, steels, titanium, Inconel and other exotics. With TRUEMill, the more difficult to machine the material, the greater the competitive advantage.

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