SURFCAM’S 3-Axis CAM system delivers efficient, reliable toolpaths on the most complex surface geometry with the highest quality surface finishes. 3-Axis high-speed machining strategies feature fast processing, minimal rapid motions, tapered tool support and excellent surface finish. Includes all the 2-Axis Functionality

3-Axis Product highlights include:

  • High-speed optimized finish strategies feature smooth, fluid toolpaths that eliminates abrupt changes in direction
  • 3D Offset finishing provides superior surface finish regardless of the part shape
  • Fast processing using powerful algorithms and multiple processors provide very short calculation times even for the most complex parts
  • Rest Machining automatically detects uncut areas left by previous tools, so that they can be machined using the optimal strategy
  • Associative toolpath to model geometry that tracks changes to the model and adjusts the toolpath
  • Steep/Shallow intelligently adjusts the toolpath style based upon the slope of the part
  • Full gouge protection against check surfaces along with the powerful toolpath containment provides precise control over what needs to be machined and what must be avoided
  • Unbeatable surface finishes increase productivity by reducing secondary processes and makes hard-die milling more efficient.

3-Axis TRUEMill Functionality

TRUEMill is the only toolpath engine that controls the load on the tool to significantly increase productivity (in some cases two to four times faster) and extend tool life for all materials, including aluminium, steels, titanium, Inconel and other exotics. With TRUEMill, the more difficult to machine the material, the greater the competitive advantage.

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