SURFCAM Lathe/Mill Turn

SURFCAM Lathe features strong turning, facing, grooving, boring, threading and cut off capability. The turning module also delivers front and back angle checking on the tool for gouge-free toolpaths.

Lathe/Mill Turn Product highlights include:

  • Sub-spindle programming and automatic retract logic for complex inner diameter machining
  • Complete visualization and gouge avoidance means error-free turning
  • One-step ID/OD roughing and finishing means an automated turning process
  • Support for canned cycles
  • Polar interpolation support and Y Axis cutting increase the range of production capabilities
  • Front and back angle checking on the tool for gouge-free toolpaths
  • Polar interpolation support and Y-axis cutting increase range of production capabilities
  • Seamless integration of live tooling and off-centre operations for mill/turn programming
  • Complete access to all 2 thru 5 Axis milling strategies for use in a Mill/Turn environment
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